my aesthetic // warm and fall 🍑

while my aesthetic does have more maroons and blacks, there IS a theme: coziness. this is my basic aesthetic: 

       i like long sleeves and soft blankets, cats and disney. i like rain, with cooler nights. i like more nude colors and fjallraven bags. i like baking and books. i like fairy lights and forts. i like the smell of cinnamon and vanilla, of banana bread in the oven. i like polaroids. i like when it’s at night, and there’s a sky that’s straight out of peter pan. i like making up constellations in my mind to make up for the fact i don’t know what i’m doing. i like oh wonder and dodie. i like talking deep topics, sipping on slushies. i like watching movies and cartoons until it’s so late you can’t stay awake, swimming and laughing with your friends with paint up and down your arms from messing around. i like musicals and face masks.

       they’re not necessarily related, but they make me feel at home.


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