riverdale season one review!

(i’ll keep this short, but there WILL be spoilers.)

this will be a very general review, but i felt the need to do it, since i have seen the season in full. i think i’ll do short and cut up, with each paragraph about something new. there won’t be much transition. i apologize, i’m quite sleepy.

the last two episodes are the best. i just had to get it out of the way, i just loved them.

i cannot stand bughead. they erased jughead’s asexuality (possibly for bughead) and i feel like that’s completely stupid. people need to get rid of the “asexuals are cold, unfeeling characters” trope! simple googling could have told him he could be asexual and still in a relationship, and i headcanoned it like that for a while. but they still went for it. however, the fandom is still freaking out for betty and jughead, when i would have loved them as a crime-fighting duo, sans relationship.

i also don’t care much for varchie. i get bad vibes from it. it was clear veronica was willing to put him aside for betty and it seemed like she didn’t even care anymore. then they simply sucked you back in and had sex in the FIRST SEASON! i might not’ve minded it- i might even have shipped it- if it came later. however, they rushed it, like they did with about four other ladies to get with archie this season.

archie’s musical storyline was stupid and unnecessary. it was just a reason to get people to fawn over him.

cheryl blossom gets no recognition for being the best character on riverdale and that ends TODAY! she’s been through so much, with her brother dying at her father’s hands and then losing him too. she found out he was a victim of unknowing incest, which would taint his reputation unrecognizably quick. she tries to soldier on with a hard face, but simply can’t without being accused of incest or murder. she’s secretly loving and wants someone to love her for once, as no one did but jason. SOMEONE LOVE CHERYL BLOSSOM PLEASE OH GOD I VOLUNTEER!

veronica gave me mixed emotions. i loved her at some points, especially when her and cheryl were being very married (they’re my current otp). however, some shots (like how she accused cheryl of incest) were way below the belt. yes, cheryl might’ve been coming for betty and veronica, but to go after her deceased brother who was the only one she cared about? honey, you’ve crossed the line. with development, she has the potential to become very good, but i’m not so sure right now.

i don’t care much about betty right now, and jughead simply annoyed me.

alice and fp were dating and no one can tell me otherwise sorry goodbye look at some youtube edits.

THINGS THE WRITERS FORGOT ABOUT: the pussycats, the pussycats’s message, reggie, b&v, beronica storyline, the fact that not every girl should kiss archie this season, jughead’s asexuality, reggie mantle, the fact betty almost boiled a boy alive, the fact chuck was a good guy in the comics, moose (WHERE IS HE FIND HIM), dillon (he’s not important but i kinda want him to be), polly’s grieving, betty’s pill foreshadowing. 

what do i ship? why, it’s: cheronica, beronica, archeryl, chosie. basically only the lesbians.

but is joaquin alice and fp’s son they were forced to give up orrrrrrrrrrrrr??? he’s kind of similar in my eyes.

basically i just love cheronica. 

i apologize for this being all over the place but i had a lot of thoughts. leave me yours! 


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