dream me

don’t lie, we all have that one person in our minds who we’d love to be. i know you’re envisioning them right now, imagining the things you’d like to change. while i’m a huge supporter of loving yourself no matter what, i also believe it’s good to have goals to work towards. so here it is: my dream me.

  1. dream julia has nice, long hair and perfectly clear skin. her arms aren’t muddled with awful bumps and it’s smooth and even. her teeth are nice and straight. she’s not so hairy and has great nails. 
  2. dream julia wears what she likes, mostly the cozier sweaters, leggings, and jeans. the tee shirts she wears are comfy and simplistic. she owns a plethora of boots and flats, and the sandals she owns all look great. she’s never worried about what her clothes will look like, because everything works. it’s nudes, yellows, reds, blues and soft pinks. 
  3. dream julia has a room that no one ever wants to leave. it’s got fairy lights and christmas lights galore, and her bed is so cozy. when it’s that time of year, she’s got a cute christmas tree. it’s the perfect size. 
  4. dream julia does not procrastinate. everything is done immediately, and everything is done thoroughly. her work gets her an “a” in every class.
  5. dream julia is amazing at the ukulele, no explanation needed.
  6. dream julia is a much better singer.
  7. dream julia is kind and considerate. others always come first, no matter what. she makes sure her family knows she values them. she minimizes anxiety and jealousy. 
  8. dream julia reads a lot more. she does not escape to the internet in every moment. 

i’m probably forgetting something, but that’s the basis of it. what’s your dream persona? 
(note: yes, before the comments come for me, i’m aware that’s a christmas tree in the picture and it’s july. i’m addicted to winter, haha!)


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