i’m uncomfortable vlogging + other awkward things

hey! so, as you can see from the title, vlogging is something i want to do. i find it cool, and i can always see myself saying my blog posts before i type them. however, i’m incredibly awkward.

      i live with my family, and to stop embarrassment, i keep quiet. but that makes it worse. i never know what to do with my hands, so i always run them through my hair a billion plus times. i’m always trying to say something i actually mean, and then get embarrassed because i can never say it right.

      i wouldn’t be sharing them with anyone, but i’m just so awkward that i make myself uncomfortable and it clearly shows through on camera. drop some tips, please!

      in other news, i’m getting braces finally. i’m worried about pain and the fact that i have glasses as well. people at my school aren’t the kindest, and it’s just awful thinking about how i’d have to deflect things. it just sucks. 

      i really miss my friend, too. she lives a few hours away and it’s just hell because i went from living a street over to three hours away. idk. maybe i can get her down here soon. 

      i hope you are doing good and taking care of yourself. make sure to reply with some tips on vlogging or deflecting those who will hate on my glasses/braces situation. it’d be a real help. thank you and good night!


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